Parent - Student - Teacher Correspondence


4-C, Mr. Wingard’s Class of 2021

Work hard.  Be nice. Get smart.

Wednesday, August22 – Friday, August 24, 2012


Words to Know and Use


school, educate, education, community, communicate, unity, unique, diverse, culture, graduate, graduation, freedom, environment, definitely, beauty, beautiful, allegiance, oath, pledge


pattern, question, visualize, operation, solve, answer, check, multiply, divide, add, subtract, measure


inquiry, investigate, hypothesis, predict, observe, infer, physical properties, scientist, categorical data, numerical data

Social Studies

geography, history, economics, government, Native American, location, landform, water source, natural resource, climate, primary document, map

Homework Assignments


  • Homework #1 (Worksheet)
  • Writing Prompt #1: Family (Writing Journal)
  • Read the August Poems of the Month (Parent signature & date).
  • Decorate a Cubby Label with your first name in large letters (Index Card).


  • Homework #2 (Worksheet)
  • Writing Prompt #2: Home (Writing Journal)
  • Read the August Poems of the Month (Parent signature & date).
  • Study Link 1-1 (Parent signature & date)


  • Homework #3 (Worksheet)
  • Writing Prompt #3: Neighborhood (Writing Journal)
  • Read the August Poems of the Month (Parent signature & date).


            Yourchild will need the following school supplies for the year…

ü two folders (nospecific type)

ü fivecomposition notebooks

ü tape or glue

ü tissues

ü pencils

ü one ink pen

ü two packs ofloose notebook paper

ü onethree-ringed binder

ü one pack ofindex cards

ü crayons orcolored pencils

ü hand sanitizer

If youhave any problems acquiring these materials, then please let me know.

Information for Parents and Guardians

Thebeginning of the school year is an exciting time, and it is easy to getdistracted by this excitement.  Anoverwhelming amount of paper work will come home with your child in thefollowing days.  Please try to returnthese forms to school as quickly as possible. If you ever have any questions about anything related to your child,don’t hesitate to call me (843-670-1907) or email me ( 

At thebeginning of each Everyday Mathematics Unit, there is a Family Letter in the StudyLink workbook.  It provides a contentsummary and contains answers to all of the assignments in the unit.  I ask that you review the Family Letter withyour child, sign and date it, and keep the answer key for your personalreference.

Everymonth we practice poems and songs.  I askthat you read these poems/songs with your child to help your child memorizethem.  Please sign and date the poem formfor each time you complete this activity with your child.

Icheck homework each morning for completion (not accuracy).  Homework points are not tallied until the endof each week, so if you miss some assignments you have until the end of theweek to finish them.

Parent Signatureand Comments


Please keep thisform in your child’s Homework Folder and sign and date that you have reviewedit at least twice a week.  Feel free towrite any comments on the lines provided.

Parent Signature_________________________________________________     Date___________________

Parent Signature_________________________________________________     Date___________________