4H Youth Development Extension

4-H is the youth development program of South Carolina State University 1890 Research and Extension Program. The program fosters citizenship and leadership as well as growth through a variety of learning experiences. As a 4-H member, children participate in a variety of ways at NO COST! 4-H'ers "learn by doing" through involvement in projects and cultural field experiences. 4-H members meet new people and learn to work well with other young people and with adults. They develop self-confidence by speaking before groups and by receiving recognition for their achievements. 

In addition to these experiences, our 5th grade students participate in weekly STEM Activities with the Extension Staff. These lessons incorporate the mission of 4H, as well as our emphasis of science and math standards. 

For more information about this program, please feel free to contact their office directly.
Avona McHoney, 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent
Joshua Smith, 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent
South Carolina State University 1890 Research and Extension
45 Simons Street
Charleston, SC 29403

4H Highlights for this year

4-H National Youth Science Day (October 7, 2015), Motion Commotion

4-H Service Learning Project (December 16, 2015), Carols at the Canterbury House in Downtown Charleston, SC and lunch at Golden Corral